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Answers to All Your Inquiries


Winter Park Retrievers understands that communication is a key component to a successful program. We emphasize communication in multiple ways:

  • Weekly In-Season Program Emails - We send weekly emails to parents and players with updates and information pertaining to the club.

  • Social Media - We ask that all parents and players follow our social media to be notified of any last-minute changes to a schedule as well as information pertaining to the club

  • Open Door Policy - We maintain an open door policy with all coaches and encourage our parents and players to communicate any comments, questions, or concerns with our directors.


The strength is our coaching staff. Our coaches are dedicated and passionate about the game and utilize our curriculum-based training to maximize their impact on Winter Park players.

All of our coaches have extensive experience coaching at the Collegiate/High School Varsity level and/or playing the game.


In order to field teams with proper player-to-coach ratios and to maximize opportunities on the field, we try to limit our teams to the following roster sizes: 18-24 PLAYERS


Please note that you will be asked to agree to the Winter Park Retrievers Lacrosse Refund Policy with registration to all of our programs.

Our refund policy is designed to minimize the impact to both parties in the event of a cancellation. All programs incur some expenses for each participant very early in the registration process, including jerseys, uniforms, administration costs, credit card processing fees, and facility use fees. Shortly thereafter, the expenses increase again as the program contracts services for its coaching staff and game officials based upon the number of participants.


Due to expenses incurred at the time of registration, $35.00 of the fee is non-refundable for cancellations prior to the start of the program (regardless of the reason for cancellation). The first deposit for all programs is also non-refundable. For cancellations within three (3) weeks of the start of the program, 50% of the fee is non-refundable (regardless of the reason for cancellation). For cancellations within two (2) weeks of the start of the program, 75% of the fee is non-refundable (regardless of the reason for cancellation). The entire fee, 100%, is non-refundable once the program has started (regardless of the reason for cancellation).


All refunds will be made two weeks after the start date of the program. Since all programs are administered and budgeted separately, monies paid for a particular program may not be applied to another program offered in a different season (unless the director offers this as an option).


All requests for a refund must be submitted via email to  Please include your mailing address in your request for a refund.

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